David Quang

Photo of David Quang General Manager Contact

Brendan Parry

Photo of Brendan Parry General Sales Manager Contact

Ryan Nicholson

Photo of Ryan Nicholson Used Sales Manager Contact

Travis Bauman

Photo of Travis Bauman Sales Manager Contact

Bert Hamerla

Photo of Bert Hamerla Commercial Account Manager Contact

Chris Wentz-Chisholm

Photo of Chris Wentz-Chisholm Fixed Operations Manager Contact

Lenny Glueheisen

Photo of Lenny Glueheisen Parts Manager Contact

Linda M. Champagne

Remote Marketing Manager Contact

Brenda Haynen

Photo of Brenda Haynen Assistant Parts Manager Contact

Erin Hampton

Photo of Erin Hampton Assistant Service Manager Contact

Sales Department

Arthur Killbery

Photo of Arthur Killbery Product Advisor Contact

Brett Morrish

Photo of Brett Morrish Product Advisor Contact

DJ Sangalang

Photo of DJ Sangalang Product Advisor Contact

Drew Walls

Photo of Drew Walls Product Advisor Contact

Gurbhej Singh

Photo of Gurbhej Singh Product Advisor Contact

Heath Hafke

Photo of Heath Hafke Product Advisor Contact

Lee Aitkenhead

Photo of Lee Aitkenhead Product Advisor Contact

Mandeep Singh

Photo of Mandeep Singh Product Advisor Contact

Matt Winchar

Photo of Matt Winchar Product Advisor Contact

Tak Kei Cheung

Photo of Tak Kei Cheung Product Advisor Contact

Zachary Dokken

Photo of Zachary Dokken Product Advisor Contact

Financial Services

Eitamar Blumberg

Photo of Eitamar Blumberg Financial Services Manager Contact

Ian Koslowsky

Photo of Ian Koslowsky Financial Services Manager Contact

Kensie Collison

Photo of Kensie Collison Financial Services Manager Contact

Administration and Support

Ben Anderson

Photo of Ben Anderson Service Administrator Contact

Rachael Swift

Photo of Rachael Swift Warranty Administrator Contact

Shanda Hunter

Photo of Shanda Hunter Sales Administrator Contact

Lot Attendants and Detailers

Aaron Flaman-Denischuk

Photo of Aaron Flaman-Denischuk Sales Detailer

Dylan Flatt

Photo of Dylan Flatt Service Detailer

Dylan Hansen

Photo of Dylan Hansen Detailer

Jinzhao Yang

Photo of Jinzhao Yang Sales Lot Attendant

Service Department

Joe Moore

Photo of Joe Moore Service Consultant Contact

Kevin Luong

Photo of Kevin Luong Service Consultant Contact

Robert Ferens

Photo of Robert Ferens Service Consultant Contact

Roxanne Davies

Photo of Roxanne Davies Service Consultant Contact

Mark Beitz

Photo of Mark Beitz Shop Foreman

Alejandro Garcia Rivas

Photo of Alejandro Garcia Rivas Technician, Licensed Red Seal

Cody Brigham

Photo of Cody Brigham Technician, Licensed Red Seal

Hussein Al-Merath

Photo of Hussein Al-Merath Technician, Licensed Red Seal

Jonathan Garcia

Photo of Jonathan Garcia Technician, Apprentice Level 1

Jordaine Guevara-Manalo

Photo of Jordaine Guevara-Manalo Technician, Licensed Red Seal

Juan Sosa

Photo of Juan Sosa Technician, Lube & Maintenance

Levon Sevcik

Photo of Levon Sevcik Technician, Licensed Red Seal

Louis Villaluz

Photo of Louis Villaluz Technician, Apprentice Level 3

Michael Andrusiak

Photo of Michael Andrusiak Technician, Licensed Red Seal

Vin Dennick Dizon

Photo of Vin Dennick Dizon Technician, Lube & Maintenance

Parts Department

Shawn Christie

Photo of Shawn Christie Parts Consultant Contact

Dave Currie

Photo of Dave Currie Parts Driver

Guy Mcmahon

Photo of Guy Mcmahon Parts Driver

Ilia Vakurov

Photo of Ilia Vakurov Parts Shipper/Receiver

Marc Labbe

Photo of Marc Labbe Parts Advisor

Scott Sabeski

Photo of Scott Sabeski Parts Wholesale

Thomas Bewza

Photo of Thomas Bewza Parts Advisor

Birchwood Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

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